Muskie fishing and missing that rod ripping action you use to get from your Muskie lures? Searching for a new Muskie Lure? I think you’re in luck! We have the hottest new Muskie lure and you are going to want to add this to your fishing lure arsenal. Muskie lures come in many different looks. Crank baits, soft baits, top water, spinner baits, etc… but no one has taken the time to create something different. Our handmade, in the USA, lures are going to be a key to your new or revived success in catching the big one.

“The Baby Beaver” has a distinct swimming action, a lure like no other, a one-of-a-kind design. The life like swimming action is never the same. With this new strategy and presentation, you are bound to “one up” the other guys. The Baby Beaver moves through the water with little effort. This means less fatigue which means more time with your bait in the water. The Baby Beaver’s sturdy jointed construction is designed with heavy duty wire, extra strong split rings and strong hooks. It will hold up to the biggest Musky, Pike, Bass or other game fish you are after.